cars, planes and aircraft carriers…

I’m back home…finally!  After a grueling week and a half in San Diego (I know, I shouldn’t be complaining…it was beautiful and sunny the entire time I was there) I made it back at about 3 am this morning an extension of what was only a week long conference to troubleshoot a problem at another museum and several flight delays.  Ahhhh, the sweet smell of the Washington Navy Yard.  Where I was able to steal Wifi connection in my travel, I dove into the Google Sketch up tutorials.  Unfortunatly I only had my work labtops with me while I was away, so I haven’t had a chance to play, do I had a great time imagining the possiblities while at a Starbucks in the Denver Airport.  The LOC site on Washington’s River Farm was really interesting.  I love how they wove thelesson about the maps into the little blurbs next to the thumbnails.  The only downfall of the map I thought…when you click on the larger image, the description doesn’t foloow to the page where you can zoom in and out.  I found myself going back and forth between the pages to remind myself what I was looking at (short term memory) which got a bit old after awhile.  I really wish the info had just followed…

As I’m sure many have seen, WordPress was not being cooperative last week when I tried to upload my assignment on the hand-drawn map…I didn’t have the ability to upload more then one picture to my post…really frustrating, as I know I’ve been able to do this before.  Has anyone else found that depending on the brower they use their formatting options for their posts change???  Anyway, wordpress seems to want to play again, so I’m going to try and fix the issue today not that I’m no longer on the move!


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