Reciepies for map makers

This is going to be short tonight.  For the past five days I’ve been told by my front office that “today is the last day toorder anything on this fiscal year’s budget.”  Everyday I scamble to get in what I can before the credit card holder leaves for the day, only to come back in the next morning and be told its a false alarm…I can still spend money.  This afternoon I recieved word that today was the “final day, for sure, without a doubt, positivily the last time I could spend any money.  So, as I type this I’m in between orders for artifact cabinets, water fountains and new phones.  I did spent hours playing on the TypeBrewer and ColorBrewer this week though…it ws kind of theaputic afterdays on end spent frantically searching GSA’s website.  These site are proof positive that greatthings come out of Penn State Univ…Peachy Paterno Ice Cream, football, amazing tailgating parties, and recipies for map makers.  For those of us with zero talent for putting design elements together that use complimentary colors and a pleasing typography, the Brewers are amazing.  Someone last week said Hayes was “porn for mapmakers” but I almost think the PSU Brewers are even more helpful because they show us HOW to recreate that look and feel of the maps in the Hayes book.  Almost like you go to Hayes for the inspiration, you go to the Brewers for the practicum.  I wish I had gotten more out of the relief shading site.  I really thought it was going to be an intensive tutorial from the home page and was really disappointed that it went into little detail about techniques used for shanding.  Oh well, as I’ve learned from a long week of government ordering, you take what you can get.


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  1. Ah shading–that was a subject I would have learned about if I took the third semester of figure drawing at University of Washington (Go Dawgs)(Hey, you got to wax on about Penn State). I can handle perspective, but I never got the hang of cross-hatch. We did do a bit of shading in drafting, but that method–draw a line, move the ruler–was so painstakingly slow it made my eyes water. So if you need help on one or two point perspective, I can help.

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