Embracing the science…

For this week’s assignment I found myself very much being the scientist that Gaddis seemed so convinced history scholars could be.  I spent a better part of the week trying to decide how I would transcribe the notes I took on the atlas’ I looked at into something coherent.  I though about taking all of my notes and putting them in the standard “college paper assignment” format but didn’t really feel like that would make it easy for me to compare and contrast the differences between the maps analyzed.  For initial analysis, I created a document with a section for each one of the areas Dr. P asked us to look at, kind of like an observation sheet a scientist would use to record certain results from different things examine.  This document allowed me to go back and forth between the maps I was looking at and compare and contrast.  I thought, in light of the reading from last week, I might just keep my final analysis in the format in which I had been doing my initial observations in, albeit, a cleaned up format.  It occurred to me that this assignment crossed back and forth between the lines of scientific analysis and historic analysis, so why not create a finished product that does relatively the same thing.


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