rollovers and java

I know I’m not supposed to use java in my site…but why, oh  why does Dreamweaver make it so easy to create rollover images in the toolbar?  I struggled with whether of not to fix my rollovers in my assignment tonight, but decided I’d get the opinion of the class before I did so (which, I’m sure I’ll regret.)

It’ s not a lot of java, but its probably enough to irk the powers that be…



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2 responses to “rollovers and java

  1. Bill

    Karen, The website looks great. you really shook up the old one. I love the battleship gray. Great job. Its been a tough but fun semester. Have a great summer.


  2. Admiral H.Nelson

    Spiffing job you have completed on the HNSA website, One especially likes the different ways one can locate a Ship and the ‘declassified’ text.
    Very Impressive, it must have taken a considerable amount of time- Well done!

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