My mind is mush…

I’ve been looking at a computer for just a little too long this week…it’s turned my mind to mush, which has, in effect, blurred my vision. My design assignment for Clio II is up and running and is completely to blame for my sorry state.

As I was checking my site on various browsers, I’ve found that it won’t come up right on anything less then IE 6 (I know this because the U.S. Navy still insists we use IE 5.) At what point do you give up and decided to stop making deesign tweeks for people (like my grandparents) that refuse to update their browsers because the whole process scares them? I’ve kind of reached the decision to stop trying to tweek a perfectly good project that looks good on a perfectly good compliant browser for folks that refuse to leave 1995. Unfair, tough love policy? Maybe…

Other random observation for the week:

Web design is soooooo much easier when you don’t overly complicate the process trying to do a lot of fancy s#$% you don’t really know how to do.



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2 responses to “My mind is mush…

  1. Karin,
    Great job with your design! I really, really liked it. I think folks got a little carried away in the critique last night because, as is, it’s pretty darn good and definitely better than much that is out on the web. I think a few things would help your site look even better.

    1) make your background the same blue as the main content area (include {background-color: #blue;} in your body section of your css, obviousl replacing “blue” with the code/name of your color.

    2) on the container that holds all of your content, include a margin setting like this: margin: 0 auto; –that will center that container on the page.

    3) consider making the header smaller. I know we talked about this in class. I love it, it’s very dramatic. If you were to make the overall height of that image more like 200px and maybe move the text up to the top right quarter of the periscope, I think it would work even better. Along these lines, I would also increase the font size of your subtitle and make it a sans-serif like the main title so that it stands out from the body text a little more.

    4) I would move the declassified stamp to the very top right, but I would not make it bigger.

    I’m impressed. I think you have a really good design sense. Good luck with the final project!


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