My name is Karin, and I’m a “lurker…”

I fully admit…I’m part of the 90% of people that look around the internet, read, but don’t really participate.  At least until this week.  We has to look as some awesome websites for homework.  Love the Lost Museum…it had just what I was looking for-a map!  It kind of reminded me of Who Killed William Robinson, but it was way more fun to play with.  This is my kind of computer game.  Clear purpose-find out who burned down the museum, do so by finding clues in the room (which you can easily navigate because you have a map!)  I  loved the British Museum site too…would have been better though if there was a mystery to solve.  A combination of the Lost Museum and the British Museum site would have been interesting too.  I loved the magnify tool on the British Museum site…wicked.  My major problem with the Lost Museum was that even when you zoomed in, it was still difficult for me to get a good look at the object details and read the text more then a few inches away from the screen (not good for the visually impared-although there was an audio component of the site.)  Both sites were awesome example of what could be done with a museum and archival material  online though.

The Historic Tale Construction Kit was fantasitc, but  I really wanted to find the museum, historical society or university it was linked too and couldn’t.  For some reason that made it seem less scholarly-kind  of missed the archival material.  Still, could have spent hours making vitural comic strips about the Battle of Hastings.


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