Trying to stay focused among all the colors…

I discovered this week that color mixing is wicked fun…almost too fun.  I realized at 3 pm on Saturday that I spent two hours earlier in the afternoon just creating different color combinations.  I love pink-anything pink-and found about 5o new colors that go with it.  Its tough to decide which combination to go with (especially if you introduce the web safe colors into the mix) and again I found myself wishing I didn’t have so many choices.

I’ve been playing quite a bit this week with importing images into Dreamweaver.  I noticed that saving as an image as a JPEG and/or GIF for the web in Photoshop doesn’t preserve and transparent portions of your work.  If you are trying to make containers with rounded edges, life is a little more difficult without the empty spaces you had in Photoshop.  I figured out how to get around the problem, but it never ceases to amaze me that an advanced program like Photoshop can only save projects as squares (or rectangles.)


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  1. lee ann ghajar

    Mixing colors WAS wicked fun this week. So were the responses of people around me. They emphasized how subjective color choice can be–one person’s “great colors” was another person’s “eeewwww.” I’ll settle for “I don’t like it, but it works…,” I guess.

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