this is web desgin, not NASCAR

I feel like the web designing I tried last would have been ten times easier and more fun had I not rushed right into it and taken the time to plot the site out in a “story board.” As I go back to my site now to try and make revisions and pick up where I left off, I feel a bit lost.  I’ll eventually be able to find the questions to all my answers, i.e. “what size font did I use for the header?,” but it’s going to require hunting through the code as I didn’t write any of the information down before hand.  I’ve also realized that this lack of pre-planning is going to be an issue with the collaborative web project I’m involved with at work.  With multiple people working on the code for this site, we should have started with a paper storyboard.  The whole thing is ironic really.  In a world where historians push to put more and more material on the web, and really focus on making that web content accessible to vast audience, the fundamental ideas for sites and their structures lie in paper.

My other challenge this week is to find out why my style sheet and images aren’t linking to my index page.  I think there’s an issue with the way I uploaded the files onto the servers.  One of the confusing aspects of Dreamweaver I’ve found is the “manage sites” portion of the program.  I think in trying to keep things simple I’ve actually complicated matters, especially with site naming,



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2 responses to “this is web desgin, not NASCAR

  1. Chalk it up to experience, Karin — there’s no better way to learn about storyboarding and other collaborative tips and tricks than jumping right in. For instance, the first e-learning course I ever designed was a complete disaster. It took 375% more time to complete and was (just guessing here) 200% less effective than it should have been because I didn’t take the time to think it through.

    You’re right with the irony, though. It seems like the further we get into the digital age, the more paper we need! (Anyone remember the paperless office??)

  2. A friend of mine just opened his own computer shop in town and he hired me as his web designer, and were trying to figure out what is a good price to charge to a web site.

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