Why can’t everything be as easy as spell check?

Has anyone else at there thrown up their hands at validator.w3.org while building a site.  After hours of fiddling with my site this weekend to make it XHTML compliant, I’ve thrown up my hands.  I can’t seem to fix what is wrong with my site, no matter what I play with, the validator keeps coming up with the six same problems.  I consider it a small battle won that I’ve gone from 16 initial mistakes to 6, but it’s been a frustrating few days to say the least.  Maybe looking at it with new eyes tomorrow will help.  Also, another frustrating part of this week…it takes 3-5 business days to set up a web page with George Mason.  So, a quick word of warning to my classmates.  If you were planning on posting your site with Mason, plan ahead and give the IT department as time as possible to get your account established. 

The CSS design project this week proved to be a lot of fun.  It’s amazing how many hours you can spend on developing such a small amount of content.  I’m feeling much more comfortable with Style Sheets now though, and even found myself taking examples from the Wilkes Smith Stylin’ book and mixing it in with the basics we learned in class last week.  I’m most proud of the fact that I created a horizontal footer bar.  I’m not entirely pleased with my color choices or layout at the moment…the perfectionist in me wants a finished product…NOW!  Instead of using McFly I went straight into Dreamweaver to create my page.  I’ve found templates to be confusing in the past, and starting for scratch in Dreamweaver didn’t prove too difficult.  Finally, I’ve learned the importance of making sure the image folder for your site is actually contained within the site folder…this simple step can cut down on quite a bit of frustration when you go to preview your page.        


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  1. Hello,
    As to the frustrations expressed in your first paragraph….I found it sometimes easier to start over and rebuild, following the general guidelines flowing from Wyke-Smith and your own creativity, rather than trying to fix something that was broken. It was disapointing to do that, but it saved me time in the end. After a period of trying to fix something your brain turns to mush if you don’t try another apporach.

    I agree with your statement on page color choices. As far as I’m concerned, at this point our pages are truly works in progress. If you geta chance check out my class assignment page and give me feedback on the color combinations. I’m trying to achieve the right effect for a site on a Holocaust survivor.

    site URL http://www.achatias.net

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