Museums and Podcasting

I’ve just returned from England and Scotland today…the land on Internet cafes.  I forgot how lucky we are in this country to have free wi-fi spots relatively in reach, and for the most part easily accessible Internet.  I especially appreciate it now that it turns out my post I wrote two days ago didn’t get through…ran out of time in the cafe I was at and the computer shut down.  I can’t wait to get home to my wireless card…

 I get excited every time I read about podcasting possiblities in museums and at historical sites as this is something I’m dying to do in my museum.  I probably went to every floating naval museum in the UK these past 10 days, and all of them had audio tours…the big fancy ones you buy from companies like Acoustaguide and Antenna Audio.  My museum can’t afford either of these systems right now, which is why we were looking at podcasting.  From the research that I’ve done on the podcasting museum tours, lectures, etc, etc there are a few limitations, but they are greatly outnumbered by the positives, the biggest being cost effectiveness.  Now that IPOD and some other MP3s are more and more advanced, I wonder if the possibility of podcasting some of the mapping projects we read about is right around the corner.  You can downloads TV shows, movies and pictures on IPODs now, why not be able to scroll through a digital map while listening to an audio tour?


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