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I chose the Who Killed William Robinson website at http://web.uvic.ca/history-robinson/  When I first looked at this site, almost three years ago, the mystery of William Robinson’s death consumed half of my work day.   I found myself diving into the letters, diaries, court documents, etc to see if I could actually solve mystery.  Conceived of, written and organized by two Canadian University professors, this site us a simple, yet effective teaching tool, combining the history of mid-19th century British Columbian community with a murder mystery.


The site is dynamic, employing a vast amount of java script.  It appears as though it was created using regular HTML and CSS, the CSS being used for the navigation bars.  In the areas where the designer used HTML, he incorporated div containers, which I didn’t think you could do with regular HTML.  Although there was a maps and graphs incorporated into the site, it lacks any other kind of media (but, that also makes it a more accessible to site to viewers with slower internet connections).


The site’s navigation is easy to use, especially if you are a student.  I especially like the “achieves portion of the site, which lists all the primary resources used by the site’s creators.  Periodicals were listed by type and arranged chronologically.  The subsections of the site all employed back buttons, or contained the master navigation bar for the main section on the left, the five different sections of the site remaining constant at the top of the page for easy navigation from section to section.


The must be a backend database for Who Killed William Robinson.  There is content on the page that is not related in the HTML source code and because there a multiple files feeding into the page, but no framesets to support the files.


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